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About me

Started as a musician, toured Europe and recorded my own music. But with a technical background as an industrial engineer I soon got more and more involved in the behind the scene things of music. Everything from the basic creation of sound all the way to producing music and developing new sounds.

Got my degree and started the company Cruesinn Sound. Opened a studio and now I'm a freelancing audio and music producer, designer and engineer. I will help you develop the sound you deserve in any situation. Whether it's studio, live, filming, gaming or other various events or announcements.

Wherever the ride takes you - Enjoy the custom made sound cruise


My Services

Have you ever noticed that we rather watch a movie with bad picture, than a movie with bad sound? That's the impact audio has on us humans.
When I work for you, I work to develop your custom made sound, no matter the production - and no one will change the channel.

Sound design

Regardless if you work with radio, TV, movies, web, gaming or build applications for mobile devices, you want the sound to be just right for you. I will help you no matter the production and your sound will deliver both the right message and the right feelings.

Music production

Whether you have a multi-track recording or a singer/songwriter there's every possibility to find your sound. Mix, master or just editing, doesn't matter, in the studio we have both analog and digital equipment, as well as experience both as a producer and musician.

Audio Recording

We focus on individual recordings, eg. session musician or singer/speaker. This is also the perfect place to record your podcast - just kick back and relax (talk) and let me do the rest. Why not have a bachelor or bachelorette party right here?

Contact me

Leave me a message with your task at hand, a few lines how I can help and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You will be heard.


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